About Us

An Independent Beginning and An Educational Journey are child care environments that are based on the Montessori principles and philosophy. Our teachers work diligently to help our children grow and develop in a loving and caring atmosphere. With the Montessori system, we allow the children to progress at their own pace through guided lessons meant to foster independence while learning. We understand that children develop physically, emotionally, and academically at different rates, therefore, we move the children through the stages as they hit certain identifiable milestones and markers, as opposed to simply moving children from one classroom to the next based solely their birthdate. In a Montessori classroom you will find a prepared environment specially structured for children, with materials that are their size on their level. The classroom is organized in a layout which allows children to fluidly progress through the various stages and areas of focus. We encourage them to take ownership of the classroom because it is their space, their environment to learn, explore, and care for.


• Respectfulness

• Responsibility

• Stewardship of 


• Gift of Time

• Individualized  Learning